Heal Your Soul with Yoga and Journaling

When Adam was created, his body was lifeless. An empty vessel. It wasn't until God breathed into Adam from His own spirit that he became alive. This can only mean one thing: we have the spirit of God inside us.

"Yoga" means to connect our self with the Divine. When we are void of this connection, we feel incomplete. Empty. Something is missing. Reconnecting with the spirit of God, and finding inner peace and harmony, is simple. When we do that, we begin to feel whole and complete again.   

A journal can be a refuge, helping you discover who you are and letting go of painful experiences. Journaling can free the mind, just like physical activity detoxes the mind. 

God teaches us that the greatest treasure is returning to Him with a peaceful heart.

Contact me about this yoga and journaling session to find that peaceful heart and reconnecting with the Divine. Throughout this journey, you will take your experiences, both positive and negative, and find a way to turn them into wisdom. 

We all have a story. When we share our struggles, we realize that we are not alone. Having someone who cares allows you to feel loved and supported. We need both to move forward in a healthy manner.

Difficult experiences from the past and present can leave an impact on how we behave. This workshop is unique because it combines both yoga, meditation, and journaling to help you heal, find balance, and return to that peaceful heart.  

This is a session for:

- someone looking for a creative and emotional outlet 

- someone who wants to know themselves better 

- someone looking for self-expression

- someone who wants to become more balanced (both physically and mentally)

- someone who needs to heal and learn to let go

- someone who wants to improve their breath

- anyone who loves yoga

- anyone who is looking to create a positive mindset

- anyone who loves spirituality

- anyone who wants to improve their life

- anyone who needs a little bit of life coaching

- anyone who loves to meditate

If you have any questions, please contact me below. 

Yoga on Rocks
Notebook and Pen
Woman Meditating
Quran and Prayer Beads